Magic Therapy (PRP Pro)

✨In our studio we developed the unique patented method – Magic Therapy PRP Pro.

This is not the classic PRP in which blood plasma is injected into the skin. This is a completely new method in which young platelets are selected from your blood and injected in an area with problems.

Our method, in just a few treatments:
πŸ’« completely stop hair loss and heal hair throughout its length;
πŸ’« get rid of acne, blackheads, and tighten pores;
πŸ’« lighten pigmentation spots;
πŸ’« reduce scars and stretch marks;
πŸ’« reduce the appearance of rosacea;
πŸ’« smooths and cleanses textural problem skin on the back, arms and legs.

Our blood is constantly renewing itself and because of these young strong cells any injuries and wounds on our body are healed and recover.
We are the first and only ones who have been able to isolate these young blood cells. And when injected into the problem area, they are instantly get to work.

❌No withdrawal syndrome. No contraindications, it’s even suitable for pregnant women or individuals with medical conditions.

We are the only specialists in the beauty industry who provide a 100% guarantee on results and assure a 100% refund if you do not see the results.✨

Our prices

  • Magic therapy (prp pro) 30 min


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